My Master thesis project, Elly is an evergreen content management tool built on Django. It gathers articles that are good fits for future resurfacing based on data, and makes them readily accessible for republishing on social media. This project was developed with The Wall Street Journal as partner. Check it out on GitHub.


I was the project manager for React, an app for interaction with livestreaming events built with streamlined inputs (emojis!) and real time data visualization of reactions. It was part of a collaboration between Parsons New School of Design and NYU graduate students. React was awarded funding and mentoring from Verizon and the NYC Media Lab under the "Connected Futures Research and Prototyping Challenge".

NYC Values

I was part of the interactive and data visualization team for NYC Values, a video-driven web documentary with 360° video and voting/visualization elements. I helped create and test concepts, design and develop the website, edit and audio-map 360° video and figure out the social media strategy for launch. This was a class project supervised by award winning documentary journalist Josh Davis. We won an ONA Award for it.

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