Hi! I'm Igor Carrasco, a 30 year old Brazilian software developer based in Brooklyn, NY, formerly São Paulo, Brazil and Amsterdam, Netherlands. My current focus is building micro-service applications in Python for data gathering and analysis. My background is in journalism. I work as a software engineer for Forbes' Data Products team. Previous employers include The Wall Street Journal, as an intern with the Product and Audience teams, doing product analysis and building quick-turnaround tools to make social content distribution easier, and Rádio Gaúcha, a leading news radio station in southern Brazil, where I worked as an executive producer, reporter and editor. I'm a graduate of the Studio 20 Masters Program in New York University. Main areas of interest outside of code are product development. Would you like to know more? Here's my resume, some stuff that I worked on recently and in a past life.

Contact: igor.ecarrasco@gmail.com Twitter: @igor_carrasco

Medium: @igorcarrasco LinkedIn: Igor Carrasco Instagram: @igorcarrasco