Hi! I'm Igor Carrasco, a 27 year old Brazilian journalist based in New York City, originally from São Paulo, but who lived in Porto Alegre for most of my life. My background is in radio. I used to work for Rádio Gaúcha, the leading news radio station in southern Brazil and one of the best in the whole country, as an executive producer, but previously as a reporter and editor. Currently, with support from fellowships awarded by Instituto Ling and the Brazilian American Chamber of Commerce, I'm a grad student in the Studio 20 Masters Program in New York University. Main areas of interest are product development, audience engagement, virtual reality video and business model evolution. Would you like to know more? Here's my resume, things that I'm working on, worked on recently and in a past life.

Contact: igor.ecarrasco@gmail.com Twitter: @igor_carrasco

Medium: @igorcarrasco LinkedIn: Igor Carrasco Instagram: @igorcarrasco